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Site Repair / LACK OF SUPPORT!!!


  • Rich started the conversation


    I need help getting my site working properly and I now been e-mailing them for 10 tays. So much for 24 hour service - BS!!!!

    These are just a few of my problems and they have all my account details.

    It also seems like if they actually offer Customer Service its only based on a 8 hour day in Australia. You think a internet Template company would know Australia has a spare population as compared to the rest of the planet and being an IT company they should understand the internet works 24/7.

    Well here are my ongoing problems:::

    1. I have a site update and it seems like it does not install. The WP update seems to be shop town and a very small file (Its attached) but the file with documentation is 100mb so I assume you can do that if I need it. "Please install the proper update and if you have a YouTube instructional video send me the link.

    2. The site loads super slow which I know is BS as my site is on my cloud server. Can you please fix this or add the add-on that should be there to reduce photos and files so the site loads properly. Thanks

    3. Where is the link that allows me to load product photos and more then 1 photo per product. I would like to add 4 - 6 or sometimes more photos per item and have them automatically reduced as not to slow my site or server. Please fix this and again let me know of any YouTube help videos. 

    4. Where is the link on my ADMIN to change the top banner that says "Buy or Sell aAnything over Chat"

    5. How do I add Google ads and pay per click to help me make money on my site.

    Lastly -- can you help me pick a News Portal / Site with FaceBook, twitter etc, connections for my domain
    w's TrueStoryNetwork.com

    I would like to also have this news site and establish a partner in doing so.

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    Theme replied


    First of all, this is just 1 ticket we have received from you. We have not received any email from you before. Our Response time is maximum 5 hours.

    This is HTML template only not WordPress theme.

  • Rich replied


    I was told to reply to: support@templatemela.com which I have done a number of times successfully. Then I added more questions and simply had no reply. 

    Background: It seems like I made my purchase from Envato Market with TemplateMela being the template author and ThemeHeap is the support group. I really am not sure who  is the support group as this system has many architecture problems. (I have designed large scale sites in the past for the Realestate Industry and Medical industry.) 

    So lets start with are you the support group for the ShopTown - Templatemela ?

    If not then my apologies for venting angrily to you.

    Kind regards,

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    Theme replied

    First of all we have no link with templatemela.com 

    Can you please also confirm from where did you get our support ticketing URL. 

    And I am not sure if you have purchased anything from themeheap.

  • Rich replied

    I was directed to you by / from the Envato Market web site team.

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    Theme replied

    Can you please share some screenshot, how did this happened. As we dont want other persons to get distracted.

  • Rich replied

    I can try - in looking at this I was chatting with them regarding my desire to purchase your "News 24" for my "True Story Network.com" web site. I had also purchased Shop Town for my Hobby Store site. It appears they or I confused your "News 24" help with Shop Town help. Shop Town help is clearly not you - TemplateMela is that support team.

    If you are the support team for "News 24" template then I will purchase it now as I know you actually answer your support messages.

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    Theme replied

    We are News24 Support team.

  • Rich replied

    I see you have 2 versions, I am looking at the more expensive/advanced one. 

    1. Is this a good or simple one to use whereby I can monitor users and there posts - or even remove their posts?

    2. I do desire to add other internet posted interviews in the fields of politics, science and foundations, will I be able to post interviews that I desire to do live or can it only be done using YouTube?

    3. Do you have a recommendation for a better News Portal or do you think this is a good start for me?

    Kind regard,


  • Rich replied

    I purchased News24 and sent in a ticket.

    Thank you,